Chloe is a great addition to any digital marketing team! She is extremely
hard working and knowledgeable in a wide variety of digital marketing
areas. She helped us set up a very successful lead generation campaign,
social media ads, and made numerous effective suggestions for
improving our SEO.
Chloe is a dynamic team member and you won’t regret
bringing her onboard.

Christy Priest
Digital Marketing Manager

Here’s How I Helped Generate Over
2,500 Leads in 30 Days With Only $10/day Ad Spend

And, Improve Their Search Engine Rankings at the Same Time

Online Sheet Music (now Sheet Music Now) is one of the leading suppliers of sheet music online.

We worked together on their SEO, Facebook advertising and lead generation.


We started the project with a Keyword Strategy, where I dove into researching, compiling and organizing keyword opportunities for Online Sheet Music. I did all the detective work to figure out which keywords they should be targeting, comparing all the variations of synonyms, singular vs plural, etc, what their search volume and difficulty data was, which should be primary or secondary focuses, and then mapping out which keywords to target where on all of their main pages.

Then we integrated the keywords across their website, optimized their title tags, created new pages and new copy, etc.

All the while, tracking their search engine rankings for all of the keywords in our strategy with the top keyword rank tracking tools.


Our next focus was lead generation. I designed and launched a lead generation campaign for Online Sheet Music that included an on-page lead magnet, article content marketing and Facebook ads.

I designed a lead magnet, presented it in a top bar across the site as well as a dedicated landing page I created, designed the lead capture and the follow-up campaign.

Next I crafted article content that housed CTAs to capture leads using our lead magnet.

Then, we opened up the flood gates.

I designed and launched a Facebook advertising campaign (including creating all the ad graphics, designing the audiences, crafting the ad copy, running split tests, etc), driving traffic to our article content as well as directly to our lead magnet. Utilizing only $10 a day in ad spend, total.

THE Results

In less than 30 days, we generated over 2,500 leads. Our Facebook ads were generating a 10% CTR, which was phenomenal—an average CTR is 1-2.5%, and anything in the realm of 5% is considered sky-high.

When it comes to conversions, Facebook requires you get 15-25 of the conversions your ad set is optimized for, per week, and ideally 50-100 per week. Our ad generating the 10% CTR was garnering 50-100 conversions per day.

On the SEO side, we increased their Majestic Trust Flow to a score of 45 (a fabulous score, deeming them a very powerful, authoritative site), and improved their search engine rankings for a large amount of target keywords, of which many shot up over 100 positions increase.


SEO is a discipline that requires years of experience to hone and perfect. And successful lead generation requires creative and out-of-the-box strategies that don’t just drive traffic, but get users to convert.

Just because an agency or a developer built your website doesn’t mean it’s properly optimized or well-maintained — and simply placing a “subscribe to our newsletter” button on your site doesn’t get you leads!

Only an experienced SEO and online marketing expert can design and execute a successful marketing strategy that unlocks the door to ever-expanding traffic and sales.


Just imagine for a second if you were getting the same results you are now for the next 5 years…

Did that thought make you cringe? To get different results you need to take different actions. And to get massive results you need to make massive changes.

You need an online marketing strategy that will act as a blueprint to your online success. And the longer you wait to get on the right track, the more time that is lost that could’ve been getting you closer to results. SEO takes time, so getting started as soon as you can is my biggest, most sincere recommendation for any business.


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